ProtecU™ Vinyl Glove


The ProtecU™️ Vinyl 100% synthetic glove is lighter and smoother than regular vinyl. Highly durable it can be used for many applications.

ProtecU™ Vinyl Bag Packaging Option: The gloves are in sealed in low density, waterproof, high resistance, and fully recyclable bags with ziplock closure (optional vacuum packing). The bags can be easily opened and closed for multiple uses.

The bag packaging has the added benefit of optimizing space utilization in shipping. (A standard carton can hold 12-14x100 glove bags per carton, versus only 10x100 glove boxes per carton.).

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Unique color for each size (S, M, L, XL).


  • DOP, DEHP-free.

  • 100% latex free, an excellent substitute for those with Type I allergies.

  • Ideal for handling food, with the exception of fatty foods. 

  • Powder-free. 

  • Practical barrier for a large variety of applications.

  • Extremely soft. 

  • Excellent feel, comfort and durability. 

  • AQL 1.5.

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