The New COVID-19 Ag Card from Suffolk Medical Supplies


This is a rapid test that detects COVID-19 antigens to help identify if someone is currently infected with COVID-19 with or without symptoms.


A cost-effective, high performing test designed for simpler testing. Simple nasal self-sample extraction allows the swab to be directly inserted into the test card.


Everything needed to perform a test is included in a credit card sized kit which allows for easy self-testing and convenience of your own

testing administration.


The kit contains 25 individual test kits, ready to use. Contents of the kit are:

  • 25 x Test cards

  • 25 x Nasal swabs

  • 25 x Sample solution capsules

  • 1 x Instructions for use


Available in range of pack sizes:
• Single pack, 5, 10 and 20 pack
• based on order volume.


• Storage Condition: 4°C–30°C
• Sample type: Nasal
• Shelf Life: 18 months


A CE approved product


Benefits of the Suffolk Medical Supplies

COVID-19 Ag Card


  • Quick
    Get a positive or negative resultwithin 15 minutes.

  • Reliable
    92% sensitivity and 99.62% specificity.

  • Tested & Approved
    German Government tested and approved with over 5 million used in schools and colleges.

  • Simple sample method
    Simple Self Sample and Test procedure using a dedicated nasal swab Simplifying the test process Testing that can be carried out by any trained person with or without supervision

  • Flexible
    Tests both asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals

  • Affordable
    A cost-effective solution for rapid testing

  • Scalable
    We can supply in large volumes for efficient testing.